Where can I buy government vehicles? Return to Top

By using the MAGS web site sales page, you can easily determine at what auction locations and in what part of the country government vehicles are being sold. You can also get specific auction contact information by clicking on the auction logo in sales listing site or you can use the contact us page to request information you may not be able to locate.

What type of payment method can I use to buy government vehicles? Return to Top

A buying customer can use cash, credit cards, (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), cashier's check, bank checks, and sometimes personal checks, when accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee.

For GSA Fleet Vehicles, American Express is accepted.

How can I get an inventory of a specific sale? Return to Top

You can find inventory information by accessing sales page and selecting the auction location in which you have interest. If inventories are not available at the time you view the sale listing, then the inventory may be available at the website of the consignor. Please click the consignors logo and then click on their webpage address on the consignors information page. As a last resort, you may contact the auction directly and ask for inventory information for the individual sale.

Where can I find government vehicles that sell for ten cents on the dollar like the book I bought for $100 says I can? Return to Top

Those sales do not exist at Manheim Auctions. We are not sure they exist at all. Government vehicles we sell for the government sell for approximately 100% of wholesale "Black Book" prices

Why do I have to compete with a dealer when I buy government vehicles? Return to Top

Dealers and general public patrons are the same when government vehicles are sold at Manheim Auctions. Dealers, per se, have the same rights as anyone else when they attend government sales. In fact, as a public patron, you have an advantage over a dealer since the dealer is probably buying vehicles in large quantities for resale at their business. A public patron is usually buying one vehicle and does not need to make a profit from the unit. A public patron can follow the lead of a dealer and bid $50.00 to $100 higher than a dealer an get a very good deal.

I would like to be notified of upcoming government sales. Is there a mailing list? Return to Top

The announcement of forthcoming sales may be found in on the sales page. They are also announced in Manheim's Market Report posted at your local Manheim Auctions.

Are there any fees I should be aware of related to government sales? Return to Top

GSA vehicles are sold with no buyer's fees, however state and local tax do apply. In some cases taxes must be paid in cash or equivalent even though the vehicle price might be paid by a credit card. Other government agencies may require buyer's fees. Before you head over to a sale, make sure you are familiar with all the details.

Are there any reserves on the price of the cars? Return to Top

All GSA sales have a reserve (floor) price on all vehicles. By contract, the government always reserves the right to deny any offer that is not of a high enough value to meet the government floor price. The reserve price is not shared with the buying population at a government sale.